The Gospel "Lite"

     While the four Gospels tell the same story they are not the same. One author was a researcher, two were eye-witnesses, the fourth a reporter, and their accounts differ considerably. Taking a unique approach to harmonizing the Biblical accounts, The Gospel “Lite” weaves the four Gospel stories together into one continuous chronological narrative, reconstructing the fragmented sermons, conversations, illustrations, and parables told by Christ, much like a skilled attorney reconstructs the truth from the testimony of various witnesses, to provide a unique and enriching encounter with the greatest story ever told.

     Avoiding the pitfalls of a paraphrase, The Gospel "Lite" uses the venerable King James text, removing duplication, and yet preserving all the details and nuances of the different writers. This makes it a great devotional, but will also be an invaluable resource for Bible students, pastors, and teachers, as each time period and incident in Jesus life is identified and labeled.

     With full text references, The Gospel “Lite” allows the reader to study all four Gospels at the same time, giving an abbreviated yet complete composite picture of the Savior’s life and teachings. The reader’s encounter with the gospel is further enhanced by informative appendixes, dates, charts, and complete cross-referencing indexes.