The Gospel "Lite"


     The relationships between the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke
have been the subject of much critical study. These Synoptic Gospels
contain a lot of similar and, in some cases, identical material. Harmonizing
these Gospels, with each other and with the Gospel of John, has been
undertaken by many scholars far more competent than myself.


     The majority, if not all, of these “Harmonies” presents the related
passages of Scripture in parallel columns or consecutive sections. Some
authors have combined the related passages in modern paraphrases, presenting
the Gospel story in a chronological, easy-to-read format. Other
competent scholars have worked from the Greek and Hebrew manuscripts
and produced their own translations. I applaud their work.


     This little volume is somewhat different. Was it possible, I wondered,
to arrange the text of the King James Version into a continuous, chronological
narrative, avoiding needless duplication, and yet preserving the
nuances of the various writers? Was it possible to weave the snippets of
conversation, or the details of the various parables, recorded by the Gospel
authors together in a manner that made sense? If it could be done, would it
enhance my understanding of the Gospel story and deepen my relationship
with the story’s Hero? Failing to find such a work in publication I decided
to compile one for myself.


     What was envisioned as a short study project turned into a three-year
adventure of research, delightful discovery, and dynamic spiritual growth.
Urged by family and friends to share the project’s results, it is my prayer
that you will find this manuscript a blessing.


To His glory,
Alan Salhany, Editor